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PORNOSONIC CD ROCK/FUNK Label: VALLEY ENTERTAINMENT In the early 1970s, the music world was exploding with new talent and the adult movie business was not far behind. Hundreds of bands were getting signed, especially to the new West Coast offices of burgeoning labels and hundreds of new actors were finding opportunities in the pornography business of Southern California. As music became part of the wider culture and the success of Woodstock, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar and other soundtracks became huge sellers, the porn industry saw the opportunity to create their own supergroup. The concept was that one group would create music for biggest adult films and that the industry mavens would own the publishing and other income from that band. Pornosonic was born in 1971 through a chance meeting between Ron Jeremy, a budding star, and Don Argott, a key L.A. session musician. Over the next 20 years Pornosonic wrote and performed some of the most creative and compelling music for the adult film world. In addition to many credited and uncredited tracks on well known films, there was a lost cache of songs just recently discovered. The compilation of those songs is being released in 2004 under the band’s name. Fortunately or otherwise, many of the band members went on to other musical endeavors and through mutual arrangements were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements about their work in Pornosonic. Thus, while several of the original members went on to become household names, and some gained great infamy for some stupid rock and roll pranks, the management of Pornosonic and the subsequent title holders to their catalogue are not allowed to mention these members by name. Here is a brief description of the songs on this first record and their history: Dick Dagger’s Theme. Originally written for the Dick Dagger movie series, this song featured on bass guitar a man who went on to the presidency of a major record label. While at that label, he was known for his philanthropy and sensitivity to recording artists. Unfortunately, while with Pornosonic, he was the reason why this song was not used as planned in the movie. Soon after the track was finished, but before mixing, he got the band fired from the film by beating the director into a coma with his bass guitar. Cramming For College. This was to have been the title track for the first film to ever incorporate the actual study of physics into a sex video. The track wasn’t used because the proposed lyrics required the band to pronounce scientific terms and, after more than 60 tries at getting the vocals right, the producer gave up and quit. Nice n’Sleazy Does It This film was eventually released under a different name and became one of the biggest selling adult films in history. Pornosonic had just received a gold record for their first album and the thought was that having them actually play in the film would take their career to a higher level. Even though the song is in the retitled movie, the tempo was changed before it became a huge radio hit. This is the original version, done before the drummer found religion. Spiderpussy From the porno/spy movie of the same name. The band was actually responsible for the name of the movie as they had written this song during their days playing in a hotel bar in Encino. The movie was inspired when a very famous producer, auditioning an actress at the hotel, was trailed into the bar by private detectives. The song, however, was not used in the movie as there was a huge legal battle over the publishing and it was not settled in time for post production. Special Delivery. Perhaps the band’s biggest hit overseas, this song was dropped from the movie after the U.S. Government sued over the rights to the name. Sex Starved Secretaries This track had been lost for almost 30 years. Originally entitled “Another One Bites The Cuff”, it was shelved just prior to it’s use in “Takin Dictation” when a similarly titled song became a world-wide hit. Prepare For Take-Off Mixed after the drummer from the band somehow found his way into four or five of the ‘group’ scenes during filming, the song and the incident were the catalyst for the demise of the band. Guest musicians, who were not allowed to be named under the terms of their major label recording agreement, were on their way back to London after a session with their yogi. Note their signature sound. Her Magic Carpet One of the band’s most popular songs live, this song was shelved in the late 70s when the subject of the movie became the first lady of a southern state (married the Governor.) The movie remains an underground classic for many of the anatomical ‘firsts.’ Laying Pipe Intended as the theme song for this innovative film, it was to have been the first industrial promotional/porno film in history. Originally filmed to be presented at local plumbers’ union district meetings, the film was shelved by a Congressional committee. Spiderpussy (Slight Return) Four years after the original film was released, this song became the theme for the sequel, and all of the legal issues were resolved. The plot of the movie was based on the legal battle over the publishing for the original movie and featured the detective staff of one Los Angeles County town in action. The film became big in Japan. This album will appeal to genuine fans of Funkadelic, Sly Stone, Betty Davis, in other words bad ass 70s funk.

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