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Hip Hop Grindin' "No stranger to Australian audiences after touring nationally with the likes of the Hilltop Hoods and Resin Dogs, one of the UK’s most respected MC’s Mystro aka Mysdiggi The Natural Born Spitta returns the favour by dropping a slice of Australian Hip Hop history- ‘Diggi Down Unda’ The idea behind the concept album was really quite simple: to travel around Australia and NZ record with the finest producers, MC’s and singers our Antipodean shores have to offer. Although he has featured on albums by Bliss N Eso, Phrase, Hilltop Hoods, P-Money and even the Blazin’ series (Universal), ‘Diggi Down Unda’ sees Mystro as the first international rapper to record an entire album exclusively with local artists. It’s set for release in Australia and Europe, which will ultimately raise the profile of our homegrown talent overseas. ‘Diggi Down Unda’ features stellar production from NZ’s number one chart topping producer, P-Money (Scribe), as well as some of Australia’s finest beat providers, Hilltops Hoods’ Suffa and DJ Debris, Downsyde’s Dazastah, DJ Bonez (Hyjak N Torcha), Mr Zux and wait for it, Phrase! Mystro isn’t the only one to be delivering lyrical bombs over these incredibly versatile beats. He’s joined by a line-up which reads as a virtual who’s who of Australian Hip Hop; the Hilltop Hoods, Anecdote, Phrase, Macromantics, Maya Jupiter, Layla, A-Love and our first neo-soul artist, Daniel Merriweather (Mark Ronson, Phrase). The posse cut “State Cypha” is a four-state collaboration featuring Hyjak (NSW), Drapht (WA), Muph (VIC) and Robby Balboa (QLD) and is pure fiiyaah! The limited edition vinyl sampler features the first single “Who You Gonna Blame?” a guaranteed anthem produced by P-Money, which sees Mystro in trouble for lyrically blowing the roof off a venue-again! If you’ve ever witnessed Mystro on stage you know he is an outstanding host with pure titanium lungs, and he has an inimitable stage presence and energy that few have ever come close to matching. With it’s horn stabs and melodic keys, “Keep it Moving” is a summery Dazastah beat, which sees Mystro in story-telling mode, recounting his love for hip hop and what keeps him inspired on a day to day basis. For those that love a legendary posse cut, Mystro pulls together 4 of our finest MCs to collab over an infectious bass-heavy Mr Zux beat on “State Cypha”, a tune which is going to have heads running to hit rewind! ‘Diggi Down Unda’ is slated for release on November 18 in Australia on Grindin’ (the hip hop imprint of Central Station Records), and it’s set to do crack heads wide open after just one listen. " 

Track Listing 
01 . Intro 
02 . Come Fly With Me featuring Daniel Merriweather 
03 . A Spitta Spotted featuring Anecdote 
04 . Who You Gonna Blame? 
05 . Diggi Down Unda 
06 . Gotta Love It featuring Anecdote 
07 . Keep It Moving 
08 . State Cypha featuring Hyjak, Drapht, Muph and Robby Balboa 
09 . Punching Cones featuring DJ Reflux 
10 . Wizard Of Oz 
11 . Public Herbalist Announcement 
12 . The Beaches featuring Maya Jupiter, A Love and Layla 
13 . Invitation featuring Flak 
14 . I'm Hungry 
15 . MC Sick Cunt featuring Phrase 
16 . Fling Him On The Barbee 
17 . Trade Secrets featuring The Hilltop Hoods 
18 . Kangaroo Chick 
19 . Gunz 4 Hire featuring Macromantics

Price  $19.95
List price $24.95 ~ You save $5.00

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