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DVD ANIMATION (TEEN/ADULT) Rating: M Consumer Advice: Moderate sexual references Human Cloning: Dangerous. Amoral. Hilarious! Rumors of a so-called "Clone High USA" began sixteen years ago, when a renegade band of scientists allegedly dug up history's most celebrated personalities, extracted their DNA and cloned them. Now these historical figures are teenagers and are being secretly monitored as they attend high school in a secret planned community ... which begs the question: if it's so secret, how do we know about it? The answer to this question and any other question that has ever haunted you will be answered. Answered with laughter. Clone High is a secret never to be divulged to anyone. EPISODES: ESCAPE TO BEER MOUNTAIN: A ROPE OF SAND Written by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller and Bill Lawrence Abe Lincoln has got the hots for the beautiful and popular Cleopatra, and hopes to make his move at JFKs party. But JFK, whos also looking to score with Cleo, wont let Abe come unless he brings the beer. The only question is -- how will he get it? Meanwhile, Goth chick Joan of Arc tries to win Abes heart through community service, starting a Teen Hotline to help her peers deal with the pressures of being clones. All the while, Principal Scudworth and his robotic sidekick Mr. Butlerton crash the party in an attempt to better understand the students. And that nutty Gandhi? He forwards calls from the hotline to his cell phone so he can go to the party. ELECTION BLU-GALOO Written by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller When Cleopatra learns she cant run for Student Body President due to term limits, she convinces JFK to run as her puppet. But when Abe sees that Cleo has a thing for leaders, he throws his stovepipe hat into the ring. The students of Clone High dont care about real issues, so Abe must resort to extreme marketing. He does so with the help of a corporate sponsor -- X-Stream Blu, a mysterious new food product to which Gandhi becomes hopelessly addicted. Oh, that whimsical Gandhi. (Marilyn Manson guest stars as himself, a singing nutritionist.) ADD: THE LAST D IS FOR DISORDER Written by Tom Martin When Gandhi is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.), everyone thinks you can catch it from toilet seats. Abe Lincoln must decide whether to stand up for his best dude or join Cleo in ostracising him. Meanwhile, Principal Scudworth borrows Mr. Butlertrons sweater vest, which he believes gives him the power to relate to the Clone High students. Also, Joan of Arc hears the voice of God. (Basic cables Tom Green guest stars as A.D.D.s most famous victim, Tom Green.) Running Time: 65 mins

Price  $10.00

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